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McLean Tax District

Are You A MCC District Resident?

You are a MCC supporter if you live within the following boundaries:
The Potomac River
East: Arlington County Line
West: Difficult Run
South: Route 66, Dulles Access Road, or Route 7, whichever is farthest north

Not sure? View our map and search for your address. You will need Adobe Reader or Adobe Acrobat to view the map.

Once you have the map opened, click on the “Edit” tab. Select “Find.” Three boxes will appear at the top of the document. In the third box from the left, type in your street address. You must abbreviate the words “avenue,” “drive,” “court,” etc. Hit "Enter." A box will appear on the screen. Zoom in and you will find the address you entered. If the address appears within the area of the map that is outlined in black, you ARE in the McLean Community Center tax district.


Still not sure? Call the Center at 703-790-0123 before you register for programs that have nonresident fees.